We had a visit yesterday from three year 3 classes and their teachers. I talked to them about the library and all the things they can do with their library cards. I read them a couple of stories and helped them choose books. It was so much fun! It’s fairly exhilirating, having a group of 30 seven year olds hanging on your every word.

I read them Millicent and Meer by Richard Byrne, a fun story about a cat called Meer who does very uncatty things; and Again! by Emily Gravett, about a little dragon with a firey temper.

Because the classes are learning how to make pop-ups at school (Wow! I forgot how much fun primary school is) I showed them a couple of the pop-ups we keep out in the back room (out of harm’s way). They were suitably impressed, though diappointed that they couldn’t take them home.

I was kind of nervous before they came, but now I can’t wait for them to come back!


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