syndetics-lcMicah Wilkins is a liar. She’ll tell you she’s a boy, a hermaphrodite, or that her father’s an arms-dealer. But now her after-hours boyfriend has been murdered, she swears she’ll tell you the truth. She’ll even share her secret.

 Liar is a story about the hard-to-read line between truth and fantasy, about identity and independence and self-awareness. The distinctive thing about this story is that because Micah’s identity is so bound up in lies, and in being a liar, how can you (or Micah) ever know who (or what) she really is?

 It’s challenging, intriguing and sometimes frustrating – not being able to trust the narrator- but it’s never boring. Micah’s revelation halfway through turns the whole book on its head and you’ll be gasping to find out more. There’s very little you can say about the plot without giving it all away, but Liar is a thought-provoking, intense fantasy novel, suitable for young adults looking for something more challenging. This is a book that will stay with you long past the last page.

 Every good lie is a based on a kernel of truth, but where does the true truth lie?


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