syndetics-lcHill & Hole are best friends. Sometimes, Hill dreams of feeling earth breathe. Sometimes, Hole wishes he could see the sun rise.

Hill & Hole is a beautiful story about change, and wanting what someone else has. The language has a lovely rhythm to it, and feels like an ancient myth. Vasanti Unka’s art is gorgeous, simple shapes in splashes of colour. Reading this book I could almost feel the earth breathing soft and warm beneath me, and the sun heating my skin on a hot summer’s day. Like in any good picture book, the pictures and text work together so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It isn’t an exciting book in the loud kind of way that some picture books are, but I imagine that it would make a good story for bedtime. It is quiet and soothing. New Zealand children will have fun looking out for a certain Auckland landmark.

Hill & Hole was awarded the 2011 Russell Clark Medal at the LIANZA Children’s Book Awards and Best Book at the Publishers Association of New Zealand Book Design Awards 2011.


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